Visualizza la versione completa : [PATCH] Una Patch per la versione Xbox 360 di R6V2

04-23-2008, 09:57 AM
E' appena stato rilasciato un aggiornamento per la versione Xbox 360 di Rainbow Six Vegas 2!

Di seguito potete trovare la lista dei cambiamenti apportati (in inglese):

Weapon Switch
Swapping to & from Pistols are now faster in Multiplayer.

Sound Loops
Optimized sound bank to improve weapon firing and helicopter sound clips that loop over and over.

Servers now update their pings more often so that players have a more accurate value of server performance.

Team Leader Respawn Modification
Spawn Shield is shorter when respawning with the Leader.

XP Modifiers
When there are more people on a team than the other, there is an overall XP modifier applied to all XP gained during the game.

By pressing the start button, players now have access to the outfitting menu in observer mode.

Team Deathmatch Respawn Modification
Respawning in Team Deathmatch now work like regular Deathmatch (random points throughout the map) which intensifies gameplay and minimizes spawn camping/trapping.

Faster Respawns
Faster respawns for Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch. You no longer have to wait a full 10 seconds!

Custom Search
Players who enter a room using custom search then exit will be brought back to an automatic search with the same criteria.

>>> FIXES <<<

Rank Reset Glitch
Fixed. Players will be able to use their Xbox guide during the game loading without risk of losing their rank.

Private First Class - Achievement
If you are ranked Private First Class or above, you will automatically get the achievement after the title update is complete and you load your gamer profile.

Freedom Shall Prevail - Achievement
If you've passed all checkpoints on Story Mode on Realistic and finished the game, you will automatically get the achievement after the title update is complete and you load your gamer profile.

That Wasn't So Hard - Ribbon
Your ribbon now unlocks when you get the achievement.

Light Machinegun Sound Glitch
When firing continuously with any light machinegun, the sound of the weapon will no longer get cut off.

Civilians & Hostages on Tactical Map
No longer are displayed as terrorists.

Shield Teleport Glitch
Players can no longer teleport when trying to take cover with a shield

Out of Map Glitch
Players can no longer cover-peek into each other to raise a team mate above their heads that allows them to walk into areas outside the designated map.

Friend Invite in Ranked Matches
Inviting friends in Ranked Matches now work correctly.

Custom Face
Previously, Custom faces were sometimes copied over to another player's face. This is no longer the case. Custom faces will display the proper faces.

Radar Jammer
Radar Jammer now work for clients, not just hosts.

XP Farming
That one famous area in ACT 1 "Ambush" will no longer allow XP Farming.

Observer Mode
Players will no longer be stuck in the respawn screen at 0 seconds while in observer mode.

Weapon Restriction
The weapon restriction configuration is no longer kept in Terrorist Hunt, Story and Co-op Story.

Custom Camo 3 Save
The colour and pattern of Custom Camo 3 now saves correctly.

04-24-2008, 01:23 PM
sono affranto.
metto su il gioco, mi parte l'aggiornamento, carico il profilo e subito mi sblocca i 10 punti ob. di soldato prima classe ma NON i 75 campione della libertà...non so cosa pensare...ho provato a spegnere e ricaricare il tutto ma niente da fare...quindi? è colpa della mia copia del gioco? aspetto un altro aggiornamento dell'aggiornamento? se mi faccio prestare il gioco da un amico dite che me li sblocca? e soprattutto a qualcuno è capitata la stessa cosa

04-25-2008, 01:50 AM
tutto risolto, ho completato una missione in coop con un amico e magicamente mi ha sbloccato tutto.
madonna che fatica però.

05-12-2008, 07:20 AM
ovvie correzioni per multiplayer e achievements ma i problemi tecnici rimangono: il framerate continua a calare senza motivo a livelli inguardabili e certe musiche si interrompono di colpo per poi ripartire senza preavviso. Spero sistemino questi problemi in un futuro aggiornamento