Visualizza la versione completa : Ghost War issue

10-14-2017, 06:10 AM
Hi, there are more problems and improvements for bring this PvP mode up to best level...this is my list
-The termal views is like a cheat, too much easy to find anybody around the map...limit this view, maybe with a counter like a drone
-there are some glitch from army box to steps and sometimes with a bomb in the hand
-when we find a match we play with the same team for a long time, until someone leave the matchmaking...
Do a kind of shuffle matchmaking and put an option for rematch vs the same team or search in matchmaking...like R6 siege
-attacks & defense mode like Siege or battle royal
-guns and rifle with a changes parts...not the all parts combination of the campaign but some maybe with a sort of unblocked Objectives in game....
-classified match
That's all for this moment...
anyway good job