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05-19-2020, 12:42 AM
https://d.radikal.ru/d41/2005/c7/fd5e6f03c25b.gif (https://radikal.ru)

Hey Agents,
We are looking for a new members to join us!

Who are we?

RUSH WOLVES is a new elite special force fighting the foes roaming the streets of town. Wolves are the self-proclaimed custodians of the law. It is our job to protect weak people and eliminate any threat. We also helping each other. Some of us are experienced the Division 1 veterans. We had started since january 2017 back there. We aim to help you become one of the strongest Agents the Division 2. Hope you can maximize your potential with us.


No matter how old you are
No matter having a microphoneTo be adequate, loyal and friendly is all that matters.

Game tag: RUS
Focus: PvE, PvP
Language: English, Russian
Region: Free
Platform: PC