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    Wish for Far cry 5 - Terror 4000 (minigun)

    Dear all,

    It's the first time that i try to make a sort of votation in order to have something ,but i think maybe could work.....at least i Hope.
    The only think that i would like to see and use in the new far cry 5 is the terror 4000 from far cry Blood Dragon .....this is my Wish , my Desire and i would like to know your opinion about It.
    I think It Will be a fantastic combination with multiplayer game and It Will be soo fun.
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    Hello and thank you for your feedback.

    Please be aware this is the Italian forum, therefore Italian language is needed in order to have a conversation within our Italian Community

    Here you can find the international Far Cry Forum --> https://forums.ubi.com/forumdisplay.php/43-Far-Cry

    I'm closing this thread.
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